Wrap up on AMeetUp #7

It’s a wrap on another fantastic AMeetUp! Once again, we had a bouquet of industry experts, start-ups, and scientists share their insights on this edition’s central theme, additive manufacturing in construction. Frank Ilg from PERI and Raphael Geiger from Knauf discussed the interplay of material and application, demonstrating the importance of collaboration when it comes to advancing additive manufacturing in construction.

Paul Wegerer, co-founder of clone:it, introduced their AI-enable solution to create 3D clones of buildings. Next up, Aiina Robotics co-founder Julian Hoffmann pitched their autonomous concrete removal and robot to address the lack of skilled labour in the industry. Gido Dielemans from the Digital Fabrication lab at Technische Universität München shared the working group’s latest research in autonomous and multi-material construction robots. Felix Riegger from the Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Betriebswissenschaften (iwb), TUM talked about the potential of stud and wire arc additive manufacturing for optimized scaffolding lattices.