Circular Economy Spotlights: Technological Innovations and Sustainable Perspectives of the Circular Economy

Circular Economy Spotlights Teaching Event: Technological Innovations and Sustainable Perspectives of the Circular Economy From June 10th to June 13th, 2024, the Circular Economy Spotlights teaching event brought together a diverse group of students, experts, and industry leaders in a series of…

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TUM Sustainability Day

On the 12th of June, CirculaTUM took part in TUM Sustainability Day 2024 at TUM Campus Garching. With more than 4,700 participants, CirculaTUM had a unique opportunity to raise awareness for the Circular Economy activities of the Network and the ongoing cutting-edge research work of our members.

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Crossing Tracks: TUM's Interdisciplinary Team Wins Siemens Eco-Design Challenge with a Circular Solution

A team of members of the TUM Mission Network Circular Economy (CirculaTUM) wins the Challenge: Ecodesign for train's balises and the Young European Talent Award at the Siemens TechForSustainability Campaign on March 14, 2024. The event is a global initiative for students, researchers, startups and…

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Building Bridges: CIRCULAR REPUBLIC and CirculaTUM met to discuss future collaborations.

In a recent meeting, we had the pleasure to learn more about Circular Republic's ongoing implementation projects. From revolutionizing fashion to innovating in battery technology and beyond, Circular Republic's initiatives are igniting change, empowering both established companies and startups to…

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Circular Economy: Too Good To Go – A New Article in the TUM Research Magazine

The latest issue of 'Faszination Forschung', the TUM research magazine, features our two founders Professor Johannes Fottner and Professor Magnus Fröhling. The professors for Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics and Circular Economy discuss the crucial role of interdisciplinary collaboration…

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The Power of Connecting Minds in Circular Economy

Throughout history, cafes and restaurants have been vibrant hubs for intellectuals and researchers to gather, share ideas, and engage in lively debates. These informal settings, often referred to as 'Penny Universities,' reflect a unique societal exchange where individuals from diverse backgrounds…

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Together for Circular Economy: Recap of the CirculaTUM Network Meeting 2024

CirculaTUM brings together experts across various disciplines and locations to contribute to the Circular Economy. This year's network meeting held on 26.02.24, focused on continuing the dialogue, presenting new projects, introducing new members, and fostering new connections.

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CirculaTUM Professors Meeting

The CirculaTUM Professors Meeting marked a decisive step forward in shaping the future strategy of the network. Our focus is to continue building cutting-edge research in the field of circular economy and to foster a vibrant, engaged community across TUM's different locations and faculties. In…

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TUM Sustainability Award 2023 for Prof. Miranda Schreurs

At the annual Dies Academicus celebration of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Prof. Miranda Schreurs was presented with this year's TUM Sustainability Award on December 7, 2023. In the packed Audimax, Vice President Prof. Werner Lang, last year's award winner himself, presented the…

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In November, CirculaTUM attended the CIRCULAR REPUBLIC FESTIVAL (CRF) in Munich alongside more than 2000 industry experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and thought leaders.